OSF Founder Discusses Women, Peace & Security

Our Secure Future’s (OSF) founder, Cynda Collins Arsenault sat down with Marcel Arsenault and Danish reporter Carsten Terp Beck-Nilsson to discuss the work OSF is doing to ensure women are involved in all aspects of peace and security.

Cynda discussed the importance of engaging men and grooming the next generation of policymakers to ensure full participation by women, both of which have been extensively written about by OSF’s Director Sahana Dharmapuri. You can view these here. Marcel and Cynda also discussed their passion to find out the core reasons humans resort to armed political violence, what can be done to reduce and eliminate it. Carsten will be presenting parts of the interview at Civilsamfundets Fællesdag, a Danish civil society conference to be held in Copenhagen on October 2nd.

Read Carsten's piece, or watch the interview below: