Feminist Foreign Policy with KGNU Boulder

How does the increased participation of women in decision-making impact security policy? OSF Director discusses in a radio interview with KGNU Boulder.

How does the increased participation of women in decision-making—a hallmark of Women, Peace and Security—impact security policy? On July 19th, Our Secure Future’s Director, Sahana Dharmapuri, was interviewed by KGNU Boulder discussing “What Does a Feminist Foreign Policy Look Like?” 

WPS is unique from other foreign policy agendas because it originated from a global constituency of non-state actors. The focus on a non-violent and human-rights–based approach and acknowledgment of the intrinsic value of gender equality is crucial to this new framework and lasting peace. Within the interview, Sahana explains the importance of National Action Plans including local women’s organizations, how including women changes the success rate of formal peace agreements, and more. 

To listen to the interview and check out KGNU’s page https://news.kgnu.org/2019/07/what-does-a-feminist-foreign-policy-look-like/